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Tenants & Wayleaves


What are the benefits of full-fibre broadband?

Full-fibre provides 10 x faster speeds than the average broadband connection and is 5 x more reliable than any previous network. The UK Government has pledged to deliver full-fibre broadband to 85% of the United Kingdom by 2025. This is due to the ending of copper telecommunications services, which can no longer provide the broadband speeds required by most homes and businesses today. By connecting your property to a full-fibre network you are enabling your family or tenants access to a lightning-fast, future-proof network.

Will you need to access my property internally to conduct your installation?

We may need to access internal, communal and external areas of your property; however, we will inform you of our proposed installation method prior to the installation date.

What are the costs to install full-fibre?

We will install our fibre lines for free, however, there will be charges to you/your tenant from your service provider for their broadband package and set-up fee.

Who will carry out the work?

Freedom Fibre or one of our partners, working on our behalf. 

What is a wayleave?

A wayleave is a simple agreement between a freeholder of a property/piece of land and us, Freedom Fibre. 

When do we require a wayleave?

A wayleave is a legal requirement when we will need to access private land. It allows us to install, use, keep, substitute, repair, maintain, upgrade, and replace our telecommunications equipment.

Who needs to be party to a wayleave?

The owner, as freeholder of the land/property, and Freedom Fibre will need to be party to an agreement. In the case of a tenanted property, the landlord will need to be party to a wayleave.

When will a wayleave end?

A wayleave is an ongoing agreement with no end date. It will continue to apply to the equipment it covers even if the land/property changes ownership. There are certain situations where a wayleave can be terminated, however, this usually only applies if you are planning to redevelop your land/property and cannot do so without removing our equipment. In such scenarios, we would propose moving the equipment to another location so as not to disturb your fibre connectivity. 


Freeholders can get in touch with the wayleaves team by emailing Please note that we can only liaise with the freeholder and will not respond directly to tenants. If you are a tenant, please contact your landlord for an update on any progress.

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In partnership with TalkTalk, our network will give you access to average broadband speeds of up to 500Mb/s. TalkTalk provides affordable and competitive pricing. You can discuss the pricing and contract options at the time of placing an order. 

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Our new full-fibre network connects directly to your property. To make this connection, we’ll need to send one of our friendly engineers to your property.  Learn more about how we work, so you know what to expect.

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145 Mb/s average download speed

The build of new full-fibre networks is supported by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Their UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme helps fund some of the substantial build costs so we can bring you this new ultrafast broadband technology.   

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Our new network is set to replace the old copper networks to bring you much faster speeds, greater connectivity and increased reliability. This new technology also ensures you’ll be ready for the future digital world as old services are retired.