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Wayleave request form

A wayleave is a simple agreement between a freeholder of a property/piece of land and us, Freedom Fibre. A wayleave is a legal requirement when we will need to access private land.

It allows us to install, use, keep, substitute, repair, maintain, upgrade, and replace our telecommunications equipment. In the case of a tenanted property, the landlord will need to be party to a wayleave.


We require your help to contact your landlord, please fill out this form to provide their contact information. We will endeavour to contact your landlord as soon as possible. Landlords can also get in touch with the wayleaves team by emailing



Is it a council property?

Thank you for submitting this information. Please note that we can only liaise with your landlord with regards to the wayleave and installation and cannot respond directly to tenants. If you are a tenant, please contact your landlord for an update on any progress.

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