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Installation: what to expect   


Our new full-fibre network connects directly to your property to give you the fastest and most reliable broadband service. To make this connection, we’ll need to send one of our friendly engineers to your property. When you place your order, you’ll be able to pick a convenient day and time for your installation. Here’s an outline of how we work, so you know what to expect.

The day before your installation


We’ll give you a quick call to remind you of your appointment and answer any queries you may have. If you can no longer make your appointment, just let us know, and we’ll reschedule for a more convenient day and time. 



Before our engineer arrives


There are a few things you could do before our engineer arrives to help make your installation quicker.


  • Pick where you want us to bring our service into your property.


  • If possible, try to make sure there is a clear path for our engineer to complete their work (free of heavy plants outside, or heavy furniture inside for example).


  • Due to COVID-19, if you can, give the area a quick clean with an antibacterial wipe to ensure everyone stays safe inside your home.



On the day of your appointment


Your engineer will call you before they arrive to give you some time to prepare. They’ll also check if there are any access or parking issues that they need to be aware of. 



COVID-19; how we’re keeping everyone safe


The work we do at Freedom Fibre is critical to getting people connected to fast and reliable internet. As key workers, we prioritise the safety of our engineers and our customers. Please ensure you continue to follow any government guidelines and try to remain two metres apart from our engineer. 


When your engineer arrives


Before you let anyone into your home, it’s always important to check their ID badge, just to make sure they are one of our engineers. Once you’ve done this, our engineer will talk you through the work they will be doing to set up your service. 


This is the time to tell the engineer where you want our service installed. They will be more than happy to accommodate your wishes unless there is a technical reason it’s not possible, in which case they’ll discuss alternatives with you. 


Once your service is set up, the engineer will demonstrate your new full-fibre speeds on an approved laptop via the router. They’ll confirm everything they have done to set up your service and make sure you are happy. 


Tell us how we did


We are proud of our service, but it’s important to us to know that you are happy with your installation. We’ll either carry out a short survey on-site on the day of the installation or follow up with a quick phone call so you can let us know how we did. We’d appreciate it if you’d take a minute or two to provide us with your feedback, we’re always keen to hear how we can improve.


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If you're new to ultrafast FTTP broadband technology and its benefits, our frequently asked questions page offers useful information on Freedom Fibre's service and the way we work so you'll know what to expect along the way. 

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In partnership with TalkTalk, our network will give you access to average broadband speeds of up to 500Mb/s. TalkTalk provides affordable and competitive pricing. You can discuss the pricing and contract options at the time of placing an order. 

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145 Mb/s average download speed

The build of new full-fibre networks is supported by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Their UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme helps fund some of the substantial build costs so we can bring you this new ultrafast broadband technology.   

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Our new network is set to replace the old copper networks to bring you much faster speeds, greater connectivity and increased reliability. This new technology also ensures you’ll be ready for the future digital world as old services are retired.

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