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Copper network retirement   


Freedom fibre is building a full-fibre ultrafast broadband network. Our new network is set to replace the old copper networks to bring you much faster speeds, greater connectivity and increased reliability. This new technology also ensures you’ll be ready for the future digital world as old services are retired.

The old copper networks are not so great. Thousands of cables at the exchange interfere with each other, reducing signal speed and reliability. The copper cables run from the local exchange all the way to you. Unfortunately, copper’s not very practical over distance so the signal degrades, resulting in lower speeds and a weaker, less reliable connection. You can learn more about the story of copper networks here


BT Openreach has announced that it doesn’t make sense for them to keep lots of different old technologies running as it’ll be too expensive and replacement parts are no longer being made. So, it’s wise to be mindful of this, and start considering moving to a new full-fibre network like ours.


Further information on Openreach’s plan relating to how and when they are planning to switch off their old copper-based network and what this means for you here.




Openreach plans to upgrade analogue phone lines to digital where ultrafast full-fibre networks are available. You can read more about how this analogue to digital transition by Openreach might affect you here.  


Depending on your service provider, it’s likely this change will come with cheaper calls, add-ons such as Caller Display, VoiceMail, Call Divert, International Call Barring, Anonymous Call Blocking, and other new enhanced services. Digital phone lines can also give you the ability to use your landline number on the go, with individual numbers for each member of the family. 


With Freedom Fibre, you’ll have the option of a digital phone line, ensuring your phone services are future proof.

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If you're new to ultrafast FTTP broadband technology and its benefits, our frequently asked questions page offers useful information on Freedom Fibre's service and the way we work so you'll know what to expect along the way. 

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Our new full-fibre network connects directly to your property. To make this connection, we’ll need to send one of our friendly engineers to your property.  Learn more about how we work, so you know what to expect.

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145 Mb/s average download speed

The build of new full-fibre networks is supported by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Their UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme helps fund some of the substantial build costs so we can bring you this new ultrafast broadband technology.   

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