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The principles that drive our business


Boundless energy

We are self-starters. We’re motivated with ‘can-do’ attitude, coupled with an inquisitive mind. We are always ‘glass half-full, not half-empty’. We approach every task with energy and enthusiasm.


Create a legacy

We invest with courage, taking smart, calculated risks and making wise, strategic decisions. We think like an owner, taking responsibility to build a better and more sustainable future for everyone. 


Keep it simple

We know complexity adds cost and time. So we join forces, rather than working in silos, we build it once, using the right information to make informed decisions and always aim to make things simpler for everyone concerned. 


Care more

We do the right thing for customers, employees and stakeholders making sure we, and those around us, are acting with positive intent. We don’t shrink from the tough conversations. With respect, humility and empathy; we are never arrogant or insensitive.


Push boundaries

We always strive to improve; to challenge how things are done; to fail fast and learn quickly; to ensure the best possible outcomes. We don’t just settle, and we aren’t afraid to offer constructive challenges, at all levels of our company. 


Protect the planet

We keep our environment clean and unpolluted. We always follow best practices in everything we do. We look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint. 



Join the Freedom Fibre family

We are always open to meeting driven and talented people who share our values. If you feel you can contribute to our mission to bring connectivity to everyone, then get in touch.

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