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“Nothing was too much trouble...”

Living on a fairly quiet rural lane in Kenyon, where there is no access to gas mains nor mains sewers, we were rather sceptical of news that there was a possibility of super speed broadband coming to Culcheth and Croft. Surely, if our lane has been forgotten when it comes to mains gas and sewers, then there was little chance we’d get a sniff of super fast broadband.

It was at the beginning of the summer that we first heard about an opportunity that would enable us to access super speed broadband. The Freedom Fibre promotion stand in Culcheth enabled local residents to find out more about what Freedom Fibre would mean to each household.

Marie Danby and Victoria Chisnall, who were greeting residents with a friendly face and warm smile, explained the whole process to us. We were hooked. We wanted Freedom Fibre on our lane. We wanted the Culcheth and Croft cabling to reach our lane! So how could we manage to persuade Freedom Fibre to extend their plans to include us?

Only one way: to campaign to our local neighbours to get on board, sign up for the voucher and be part of a community that wanted faster broadband for a faster connection to the outside world.

So, leaflets in hand, Mike and I started to walk the length of Kenyon Lane, Kenyon, knock on doors and, in a diluted version of how Freedom Fibre would benefit is all, we managed, over a couple of weeks, to get enough interest to warrant our stretch to be part of the Culcheth/Croft hub.

What a great few weeks that was. Never mind the quest to engage our fellow neighbours, we just loved meeting and talking to people we’d passed on the lane, those we’d noticed from a distance and those we didn’t know lived so close to us. We made new friends.

So after several months wait, an email arrived to announce that Freedom Fibre was coming to Kenyon Lane very soon. The promise was kept.

Pink and purple vans lined the lane; traffic lights were set up to allow the work to begin. It was exciting to see.

Our appointment for our own installation was set up and then a lovely team arrived one morning. Craig and a band of Freedom Fibre gurus turned up at our house.

What can I say other than what a great bunch of guys they are; professional, efficient, experienced and, importantly, lovely people. Nothing was too much trouble. And as Craig told me, any problem always has a solution. They weren’t going away until everything was up and running smoothly.

Within a couple of hours we were connected. My online order arrived before I’d logged on! Super fast, super effective.

So as I type this report on our experience I just want to add this one last comment:

Thank you Freedom Fibre and your marvellous team for connecting us to the outside world that we can now access in a flash. 'Freedom Fibre' certainly lives up to its name.

Lynne Eaves

Kenyon Lane, Kenyon

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