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Andy Carter MP welcomes Freedom Fibre to Stockton Heath!

Andy Carter – Member of Parliament for Warrington South – has welcomed Freedom Fibre to Stockton Heath as it rolls out its lightning-fast, full-fibre broadband.

Broadband services in and around Stockton Heath are still reliant on copper phoneline-based technology, with some homes and businesses having internet speeds as low as 17Mb/s. With Freedom Fibre’s full-fibre network, homes and businesses will soon be able to enjoy internet speeds as high as 500Mb/s!

Speaking on a visit with Freedom Fibre’s engineers, Andy said, "Broadband speed is an issue I hear about often in my inbox and a topic I’ve raised in Parliament on numerous occasions, so it really is great news that homes and businesses in and around Stockton Heath will soon be able to benefit from lightning-fast, reliable broadband. I know many local residents and businesses are held back by poor and unreliable broadband, so it really is a welcome move that Freedom Fibre will soon be connecting it’s very first customers.”

Tony Moore, Freedom Fibre’s Chief Delivery Officer, said: “It was great that Andy could see us building the full-fibre network in Stockton Heath first-hand. Full-fibre really is the future as copper services are soon to be retired across the UK, and we're very excited to be bringing our network to the residents here and starting to connect homes in the coming weeks.”

Residents interested in taking advantage of the full-fibre network can register to be notified when the service is available in their street.


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