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Freedom Fibre staff raise £536 for ‘Freya’s Little Legs’

Freya is 10 years old, she was born with Cerebral palsy, two holes in her heart and fought through 4 major operations at a very early age. She has to use a wheelchair every day of her life.

Freya has undergone SDR surgery (At a cost of £16,000) on her spine in Jan 2018. This relieved a good proportion of the tightness in her legs but as she is growing up, she is now due yet another major operation on her hips.

Freya lives close to Freedom Fibre and when the team heard of her struggles, they started a a company raffle,with the winner taking home two bottles of wine and chocolates. We are proud of our team who have now raised £536 for this worthy local cause.

The donations will help Freya to relieve the spasms and tightness she experiences daily in her legs. This comes in the form of physiotherapy which she will need for many years to come if not for the rest of her life (Costing £240 per week – none of it funded by the NHS) and specialist equipment.

Hopefully, ongoing fundraising efforts will provide the essential physiotherapy, specialist equipment, adaptations and any other required therapy activities for Freya. Giving her the best quality of life possible

Any donations big or small will make a difference to Freya’s life. So please help us help little Freya! Whether it's helping the family with a fundraising event, donating prizes for raffles or a monetary donation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Follow Freya's fundraising journey


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