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Freedom Fibre to extend its Gigabit capable FTTP network into Stockton Heath & surrounding villages!

A thriving, purple flag town to be supported by lightning-fast broadband speeds – Freedom Fibre is coming to Stockton Heath and the surrounding villages of Grappenhall, Thelwall, Norcott Brook, Appleton Thorn, Stretton and Walton!

Freedom Fibre’s vision is to make high-speed, reliable broadband available to and affordable for everyone. With other network providers generally focussing on connecting cities and large towns, Freedom Fibre aims to bring full-fibre broadband to smaller communities with slow and outdated networks, keeping them connected and prepared for the future.

With Stockton Heath currently limited to FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), and the surrounding villages still only having access to standard broadband using copper telephone lines that produce average speeds of just 18Mb/s*, installing our FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) network will be of great benefit to the residents of these otherwise thriving areas of Warrington.

To stay up to date with our Stockton Heath build, register your interest and we’ll let you know when our network becomes available in your street.

Installing full fibre broadband in your home has many advantages. As well as being lightning-fast, with average speeds of up to 500Mb/s, it also ensures a more reliable connection than standard copper lines and even hybrid copper and fibre networks that are common in many areas.

And for those that don’t necessarily need ultrafast speed and reliability, joining our full-fibre network means futureproofing the connectivity within your home as Openreach look to retire the old copper network in the near future.

Our build partners are dedicated to minimising disruption to the residential community and mirror our values of bringing futureproof full-fibre networks that are essential personally, socially and economically, to everyone whether they’re out in the sticks or in the city centre.

We’ve also partnered with TalkTalk who are offering amazing introductory broadband packages for residents who wish to sign up. When registering your interest, we’ll keep you up to date with our progress and then when we’re live in your area, TalkTalk can discuss prices and packages and arrange your installation with one of our highly skilled engineers.

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