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Darren Woods shortlisted for Northern Finance Director of the Year Awards

We are delighted to announce that our CFO, Darren Woods, has been shortlisted for Northern Finance Director of the Year 2021 – Deal of the Year, at the Northern Finance Director Awards.

The Northern Finance Director Awards embrace all that is brilliant about finance directors, who are often the unsung heroes of any business. Traditionally responsible for sustaining business continuity and managing cash flow, the modern finance director now exhibits creative thinking and strategic influence, as well as demonstrating leadership.

“It’s an honour to have been shortlisted in the NFD awards. Going through the process has reminded me that what differentiates successful organizations are its people and culture. Through my journey at FibreNation, and more recently as part of the team to set up Freedom Fibre Ltd, this has been a primary focus and this has undoubtedly made the difference.”

The significance of the finance director should not be underestimated. The Northern Powerhouse economy is estimated at £412 billion – greater than the economy of some countries in Europe, the Northern Powerhouse constitutes 19.25% of the overall UK GVA and still has huge potential for growth. The finance directors included in our shortlist are just a selection of the talent behind the Northern Powerhouse economy, working tirelessly to grow their businesses and the success of the region. Shortlisted companies comprise of an eclectic mix of finance directors from across our northern cities and the sectors that fuel the northern economy.

The tumultuous nature of the past year makes these awards more significant, with many finance directors managing furlough, strained investor relationships and restricting cash flow. To have an operational business post-COVID-19 is an achievement in itself, but many of the finance directors celebrated here have gone above and beyond to pivot their business and innovate, as well as made sacrifices to protect their workforce.

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