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Shannon Davids and her 8,000-mile journey to Freedom Fibre.

Shannon Davids had a dream of a new start for her family, making the decision to find employment in Manchester, far away from her family’s home in South Africa.

Shannon put her CV online looking for a career in fibre planning and design, something she fell in love with five years ago, and Rachel from NMS - one of Freedom Fibre's preferred recruitment agencies - picked it up, thought of Freedom Fibre straight away, and arranged a Teams interview the following day.

Joanna Hunt, HR Advisor at Freedom Fibre, said:

"Shannon impressed us with her experience, drive, and her desire, and we were convinced of not only her commitment to the move to the UK but also of her commitment to Freedom Fibre."

Shannon had a job offer two days later!

Now settled and happy in her role as a Planning Engineer working in the Network & Planning team, Shannon said:

“Starting this job has been an absolute dream come true.
“Although I am still battling with the emotional roller-coaster of moving so far away, being here is like a home from home.
“Accepting it was a difficult decision to make but we realised this was our opportunity to have a better life, especially for our son. I had to make the journey here by myself - probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
“Leaving them both behind wasn’t easy but knowing I was being helped by Rachel, as well as starting work for an amazing company, helped ease the process.”

Four months in, Shannon looks back on the vital support she’s had from Freedom Fibre's HR team - who helped ease her into a new life so far away from home both from a workplace and personal perspective – as well as her friendly and helpful colleagues:

“I work with an amazing team, and we have gelled well together. I absolutely love what I do and working for a company like this is beyond what I could ever have hoped for.
“Words can’t describe how grateful I am for everyone taking the chance on me. It has been such an adventure.”

Praising Shannon for her life-changing actions, Keith Vicary, Head of Fibre Design at Freedom Fibre, said:

“Overcoming the extremely difficult circumstances and the emotional roller-coaster of experiences to make a new start here - especially during those early days - is testament to Shannon’s character, her desire to succeed and total commitment to providing a new and more stable life for her family. She has come through with flying colours.
“Shannon has quickly become an integral and reliable part of our design team and her bubbly personality is infectious. She’s a real asset to Freedom Fibre and a role model for others with similar ambitions.
“She’s also proof that women, in this male-dominated industry, do have a rightful and valued place alongside their male colleagues.”

Freedom Fibre is now fully supporting Shannon as she makes plans to bring her husband and son to join her in Manchester - hopefully it won’t be long before they are reunited and fully enjoying their new life in Irlam!


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