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​​As a UK fibre network provider, we believe that high-speed broadband should be available for everyone.

Our vision is to take fibre off the beaten track, providing fast, reliable connectivity with the best possible customer experience. So, we’re connecting homes and businesses in the cities and in the sticks – creating an affordable, optical fibre network which will last for generations.


We lay FTTP infrastructure; FTTP or ‘Fibre to the Premises’ means that the fibre broadband internet is directly connected to the router in your home, which is much faster than the old copper telephone line used by many other broadband services. The result is superfast, reliable broadband. 

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Freedom Fibre is rolling out a full-fibre network, in partnership with TalkTalk. Our new network will give you access to average broadband speeds of up to 500Mb/s, which is considerably faster than the average speeds available in many areas within the UK.


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Faster access for the entire family

Whether it’s for work, rest or play, high-speed broadband should be accessible for everyone. We’re working to provide reliable, rocket-fast speeds to every home. So from homework to working from home, we have everyone in the family connected.


We know businesses need to stay connected, that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering reliable, lightning-fast speeds. We believe every organisation should have access to affordable, high-speed broadband, no matter where they are, and it’s our mission to make that a reality.

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