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CEOs Neil McArthur and Nigel Barnett Discuss Newest Partnership Between Freedom Fibre and Telecom Acquisitions Ltd

Neil McArthur and Nigel Barnett at Channel Live

As Freedom Fibre continue to onboard a range of internet service providers, Telecom Acquisitions Ltd (TAL) have become the newest retail partner to provide residential customers in the North West with lightning-fast broadband packages on the Freedom Fibre network.   

Recently, Freedom Fibre’s CEO, Neil McArthur, met with the CEO of TAL, Nigel Barnett, at the Channel Live conference in Birmingham. The meeting was a chance for the two to continue the working relationship established throughout their years in the industry and further propel the partnership between Freedom Fibre and TAL.   

About Freedom Fibre

As a UK FTTP wholesaler, Freedom Fibre is building a reliable, resilient, and lightning-fast full-fibre network for homes and businesses across the North West. Founded by industry leader Neil McArthur, Freedom Fibre has positioned itself as an innovator within the AltNet sector, accelerating the UK-wide rollout of gigabit-capable infrastructure.  

After a strategic merger with VX Fiber in early 2024, Freedom Fibre has continued to take an innovative approach to designing complex networks and has onboarded a range of internet service providers, including Telecoms Acquisitions Ltd, to provide customer choice  when they connect to the Freedom Fibre Network.  

About Telecom Acquisitions Ltd  

Telecoms Acquisitions Ltd is the holding company for many brands, including Home Telecom, Fleur Telecom, Eclipse Broadband, No One Internet, Open Fibre and Weekly Broadband. With an excellent TrustPilot rating, 24/7 365 support, and the option for priority installation so that customers can go live ASAP, TAL has a clear vision of customer excellence. This vision ultimately supports Freedom Fibre’s own mission to improve customer experience in the industry and bring its lightning-fast, full-fibre broadband to homes in the North West.   

The Freedom Fibre and TAL Partnership 

When discussing the new partnership at the recent Channel Live conference, Neil McArthur and Nigel Barnett were excited by how the collaboration would benefit both brands.   

“I’m proud to sell Freedom Fibre’s services,”  Nigel Barnett said. “Because of TAL’s industry leading position we deal with a lot of the Altnets, and find that a lot of companies are just rushing out a service to connect people as quickly as possible. But with Freedom Fibre, we’ve noticed that they’ve sort of held back and waited until they’ve got their package right.”  


Freedom Fibre’s CEO, Neil McArthur, agreed, saying, “As a wholesale provider of fibre services we know what we’re good at and we excel at it, but we need to build solid relationships with companies like TAL to maximise our distribution in different parts of the country.”   


“The partnership represents an opportunity to enhance our footprint and make our services available to a broader audience,” Neil continued, “by collaborating with TAL we can leverage their established presence and expertise in specific market niches.”  


With over 100,000 customers and operations based fully in the UK, TAL’s presence in the residential broadband market is already well established through its range of retail brands and is steadily growing across the country.   


With so many service providers for consumers to choose from, Nigel Barnett emphasised the importance of providing a superior service both in terms of customer satisfaction and product offering. “TAL prides itself on being fully UK-based, so we have a strong commitment to local operations. That paired with over 26 years of experience means that we can really provide value to our customers,” Nigel said. 

Neil McArthur and Nigel Barnett at Channel Live


And when it comes to customer satisfaction, the numbers don’t lie.   


“We’ve actually got over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, and we still have an excellent rating at 4.5 stars,” Nigel exclaimed proudly. “The brands we’ve bought, we’ve kept them as a local presence, and we’ve honoured the existing pricing for their customers, and we have no planned price rises until 2025. So, when we combine this customer experience with Freedom Fibre, where their network that we will operate on is very solid, we create a superior offering for customers who want to choose one of the TAL brands.”   


It’s this focus on delivering value that TAL and Freedom Fibre have in common, with both companies focussed on providing consumers with a lightning-fast and affordable full-fibre connection.   


“TAL has quite a lot of experience behind them,” Neil McArthur said when asked about his thoughts on how TAL’s service offerings will resonate with customers. “We call businesses like TAL ‘the educators’ because they have the experience – particularly in the issues and things that can go wrong, so they are best equipped to connect customers in a faster and more efficient manner.”   


Having Telecoms Acquisition Ltd onboard is an exciting step for Freedom Fibre. With Freedom Fibre’s robust network infrastructure and TAL’s extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, the partnership promises to deliver value and efficiency when connecting customers to lightning-fast, gigabit-capable broadband. This collaboration reflects a shared vision of excellence and signals an exciting step forward for both brands. 

Customers who would like to view TAL's range of internet service provider brands and the unique deals that they have on offer can head to


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