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DCMS members visit Freedom Fibre in action in Whitchurch

Members from the government’s department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) team visited the Freedom Fibre build teams out in Whitchurch, Shropshire to see them in action this week.

The DCMS Gigabit Voucher scheme is well underway and with the help of their funding, Freedom Fibre has been able to provide full-fibre broadband to over 10,000 rural properties in the last 12 months, mainly in the North West of the UK.

We announced our plans in December to roll out the Freedom Fibre network in Whitchurch and we are still on target to start connecting customers in the summer of this year.

Freedom Fibre has been rolling out its network not only in rural communities in the Northwest over the last 12 months, but also in neighbouring urban areas. The DCMS team were keen to understand the challenges that can be faced when rolling out a new network in a rural community. Our announcement for Whitchurch is part of a wider plan in Shropshire to enable approximately 15,000 homes to access full-fibre connectivity.


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