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Freedom Fibre commences build in Weaverham

Freedom Fibre has commenced the build of a new fibre network in Weaverham.

Freedom Fibre recently announced its plans to the local Parish Council and residents at a public meeting to share full plans for delivering full fibre to the residents of Weaverham.

Early feedback from residents has been really positive with many residents already keen to register their interest in this essential service.

Full fibre is a government-supported national initiative with internet access now considered akin to an essential utility. Industry is investing £25bn to future proof internet services so the whole of the UK has full fibre ‘all the way to the home’.

The plan is to connect customers as early as November/December of this year.

Marie Danby, Customer Operations Director, commented, “We are delighted to be the first ISP to deliver gigabit capable broadband in Weaverham, for many residents this capability will be transformational in terms of the speed of access that it will provide to the internet and we are excited to connect our first customers later in the year”.

Find out more about how you can register by visiting

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