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Freedom Fibre donates iPad to the Diabetes Youth Service

The Diabetes Youth Service at Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospital was set up to work with young people cared for by the Paediatric Diabetes Team. It supports children and young people who are living with a long-term diagnosis of diabetes, service empowering them to manage their own healthcare more independently.

  • Recognise young people for who they are and not by their illness or condition

  • Build positive relationships with young people

  • Support and encourage young people with issues they may face

  • Empower young people to be who they want to be

  • Offer opportunity through sessions, events and activities that bring young people together

  • Advocate for young people

The Diabetes Youth Service and Paediatric Diabetes Team are very grateful for Freedom Fibre’s donation of a brand-new iPad.

“This iPad will provide support to all of our young people through educational youth work interactive activities in clinic, supporting engagement with the youth worker and our clinical team. It will help children and young people with additional needs and also support positive diabetes management through easy access to videos, useful website links, and interactive games. I would like to thank Freedom Fibre on behalf of all the Paediatric Diabetes Team and the Hospital Charity at Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.”


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