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Freedom Fibre employees working with "Boundless Energy".

Freedom Fibre employees are being invited to host their own ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions for fellow colleagues.

One of our values as a business is demonstrating “Boundless Energy”, and to us this means that we’re self-starters. We’re motivated with a ‘can-do’ attitude, coupled with an inquisitive mind. We are always ‘glass half-full, not half-empty’. We approach every task with energy and enthusiasm.

So, in order to support our people in demonstrating this value, we’ve started these monthly ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions that give employees a platform to share what they think is important for their colleagues in the wider business to know more about.

Lesley Segelit, HR Manager, explains,

"The purpose of these sessions is to provide all our employees with the opportunity to not only provide, but also obtain a more in-depth cross-functional understanding of what various departments in the business do, why and how they do it, and ultimately the importance in supporting our business objectives.”

Shariff Tbealeh, Finance Systems & Business Process Manager, hosted this month’s session and commented,

“It was a great opportunity to provide insight into the project management software we use and highlight some of the features that could be utilised by other departments.”

The Freedom Fibre team are all now keenly awaiting to see who will be hosting next month’s session.


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