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Hundreds Awarded to the Whitchurch Freedom Fund Winners

Four community groups from Whitchurch have been awarded grants of up to £500 each from Freedom Fibre’s Freedom Fund, a community fund designed to support good and green community projects. The commendable winners received their awards at the 2023 Whitchurch Blackberry Fair.

Successful applicants from this year’s Freedom Fund in Whitchurch include:

  1. The Rotary Club of Whitchurch, which was awarded £500 to contribute towards bushes and plants for the town flowerbeds, as well as compost and fertiliser.

  2. Whitchurch Blackberry Fair, which was awarded £500 to help fund and promote environmental practices at this year’s Blackberry Fair.

  3. St Alkmund’s Church, which was awarded £446 to contribute towards bicycle stands for the church car park, encouraging people to cycle.

  4. Queensway Playing Fields Association, which was awarded £250 to help purchase and plant fruit bushes on an area of the field near to the allotments and orchard.

Neil McArthur, Freedom Fibre’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“I’m thrilled that we have been able to make awards to such a diverse range of good and green causes in Whitchurch. The non-profit groups that have received the funding are all working to positively impact their communities through education, sustainability efforts, and projects that bring local residents together. All these goals directly align with Freedom Fibre’s own company values, and we feel incredibly privileged to work alongside these community groups to help benefit the areas where Freedom Fibre is building our network.”

Freedom Fibre first launched The Freedom Fund in October 2022 to support community groups delivering environmental projects. Freedom Fibre is currently rolling out its lightning-fast, full-fibre network to homes and businesses in Whitchurch, with plans to roll out into more of North Shropshire soon. If you are interested in connecting to our full-fibre network, please register your interest online.


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