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Stockton Heath Councillors Meet with Freedom Fibre to Discuss Network Roll-Out

Homes and businesses across Stockton Heath can now take advantage of lightning-fast, full-fibre broadband.

Freedom Fibre has invested over £2million in to building the full-fibre network through Stockton Heath, making the town one of the best-connected places in Britain.

The old copper network is being retired in the next few years, meaning that internet and telephone networks will be fully reliant on full-fibre.

To celebrate Stockton Heath’s first connections to the network, Councillors from across Stockton Heath were invited to see the roll-out of the network first-hand. Stockton Heath Councillors and Parish Councillors were invited ‘out in to the field’ with Freedom Fibre’s engineers to see the finishing touches being put to the network.

Marie Danby, Freedom Fibre’s Customer Operations Director, said:

“Thousands of homes and businesses across Stockton Heath can now benefit from our lightning-fast, full-fibre network. We are delighted to be making this investment in the town and, ahead of the copper switch-off, are keen to ensure no home or business is left behind.”

Residents who are interested in taking advantage of the network can sign up here


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