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“We now feel part of the modern connected world...”

"Freedom Fibre has connected our household to Superfast Fibre.. we now feel part of the modern connected world!

"For over 20 years we have struggled with broadband speeds of less than 1 mbp and have had to revert to a number of mobile broadband connections. We had almost given up on the promise of being connected to superfast fibre until Freedom Fibre came along and have built their local fibre network to our premises. "Extremely professional installation from the team with full consultation with us all the way and we finally have fibre network with speeds over 900 mbs. "The difference is massive and increases our productivity and home working capabilities tremendously.. no more waiting for downloads or streaming, buffering is a distant memory, thanks to Freedom Fibre.” Barry Tuffs, Warrington

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“The experience has been exceptional...”

"I'm delighted to share my review of my home's installed Freedom fibre service. From the moment of installation, the experience has been exceptional. The installation process was efficient and profess

“The difference is like night and day...”

In the 20 years we have lived at the property we have never received a reliable internet service. Having tried ISDN, ADSL, satellite, a Wireless ISP and finally mobile broadband we were resigned to th

“World class...”

Good morning, I very rarely praise organisations for the service they provide so this email is an exception. Yesterday (Friday, 11 March 2022), I contacted the Freedom Fibre careline and explained tha


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