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Freedom Fibre Celebrates Fifth ISO Certification

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2024 is off to a strong start for Freedom Fibre, with the Risk and HSQE team successfully securing the company’s fifth ISO certification– ISO9001.  

The attainment of ISO9001 is a culmination of months of dedicated effort towards enhancing Freedom Fibre’s quality management systems in line with the ISO standard. This ensures that the business consistently and accurately improves its performance, meets customer expectations, demonstrates a commitment to quality, and drives toward continual improvement. 

The achievement of this certification is compounded by the fact that Freedom Fibre is one of only four Alt-Nets in the UK to have achieved five ISO standards*, completing the business’ ‘Freedom to Grow’ project which has been running for the past two years and has seen the successful certification against

  • ISO9001: Quality management

  • ISO45001: Occupational health and safety

  • ISO14001: Environmental management

  • ISO27001: Information security management

  • ISO22301: Business continuity management

Attaining these ISO standards has been a significant goal for Freedom Fibre’s CEO, Neil McArthur. As a business in the telecommunications industry that deals with data and is subject to stringent regulatory requirements, Neil knew that obtaining this group of ISO standards would be indicative of Freedom Fibre’s growth, commitment to excellence, and goal to be one of the UK’s key players in the Altnet market.

On achieving ISO9001, Freedom Fibre’s fifth ISO standard, Chief Risk Officer, Rick Byers, said: 

“I am pleased to announce the achievement of our ISO9001 certification after many months of hard work in enhancing our business processes. Our goal was always to focus on organising and optimising our processes in line with our business goals, and (if we did that correctly) the ISO9001 certification would be a positive by-product, so it is great to see that our work has met this standard.  
Not only does ISO9001 show that we maintain quality at the root of our work, but it also gives us the ecosystem to ensure we maintain this level of quality in the future. This has a massive positive impact on our customers, our investors and the Freedom Fibre team.” 

The impressive achievement is compounded by Freedom Fibre’s youth and the ability to achieve the five standards within the business' three years of operation, ultimately showing to customers and stakeholders that it’s focused on the quality of operations and delivery at every level and will continue to hold itself to the highest standards possible.

*Information accurate as of May 2023


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