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Full-fibre rollout confirmed for Newton-le-Willows, Burtonwood & Earlestown

More homes and businesses are to benefit from the Freedom Fibre full-fibre network rollout.

Freedom Fibre has announced further plans to expand its full-fibre footprint in the North West. Residents and businesses in Newton-le-Willows, Burtonwood and Earlestown will benefit from the latest announcement, withthousands of properties to be able to access the new full-fibre network via reliable high-speed broadband services from TalkTalk.

Freedom Fibre has already invested over £5m and has plans within the North West to spend £30m by summer 2022 to enable 50,000 homes to access full-fibre connectivity.

The network build has already started in these areas, and residents will be able to connect from January 2022. Residents and local councils have welcomed this announcement with registration now live for residents to sign up.

Councillor Terry Maguire for Earlestown comments, “It is an important breakthrough in creating better connectivity for all areas. It’s important to remember that any short-term disruption will pay off in the long-term; once the network’sbuilt. Freedom Fibre is willing to engage with local residents to ensure they understand the benefits of this new technology and ensure residents feel they are informed”.

If you’re interested in boosting your broadband, register your interest now and you could be going live as early as January 2022!


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