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Neil McArthur explains Freedom Fibre’s telecom pole usage and ethos

In order to create affordable networks, we seek to cover all of an area in the most efficient manner, which may involve erecting new telegraph poles where there is no existing underground ducts for us to access. While we do not need to seek residents approval or even planning permission, but we are keen to work with residents to ensure everybody is happy.

Unfortunately, in some areas, if we do not erect a pole the network build can become uneconomical which may mean we can’t build in your street. That means you and your neighbours could miss out on the opportunity to access a superfast internet connection.​


If the majority of residents would prefer the free connectivity through a new pole we can just continue as planned and start connecting your neighbourhood!

Freedom Fibre can assess the additional cost of providing the network without a new pole and ask residents to make a contribution ensuring your neighbourhood gets lightning-fast broadband in the near future.

If OpenReach have elected to provide full-fibre to your area, then you and your neighbours can choose to wait. However, there is no guarantee they will build the network in your street, they may still erect a pole –and they may ask for a contribution from you for doing so.

Once we leave a town we are unlikely to return so we are keen to connect as many residents as possible during this period.


If you have any concerns or questions about our work in your area, please contact our careline at or call 0333 011 5110. We are always delighted to chat through our plans with you.


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