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Freedom Fibre achieves ISO 27001 certification

In another impressive achievement for Freedom Fibre, the company recently attained ISO 27001 certification for the delivery of their FTTH and FTTP services.

As an international standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001 – whilst not a mandatory qualification – helps businesses manage their information security and is a significant indication to consumers that a business is aligned with best security practices. As an organisation in the telecommunications industry that deals with data and information systems in all facets of the business, the senior leadership team at Freedom Fibre knew that obtaining this certification would be indicative of both the company’s growth and our commitment to providing excellence and innovation within the fibre industry.

While certification often takes anywhere from 18-24 months to achieve, the Freedom Fibre team delivered this in less than 12 months, after the leadership team prioritised its acquisition and dedicated the necessary resources towards successfully completing the audit. Led by the Risk and Compliance team, the whole organisation pulled out all the stops to achieve this goal. This is particularly commendable considering Freedom Fibre was only established a few years ago, with the independent auditor impressed with the quality of what the team produced within the time constraints, especially considering Freedom Fibre is in a period of rapid growth.

Not only does ISO 27001 certification support Freedom Fibre’s wholesale partnership with internet service provider TalkTalk, but it also means our customers can rest easy knowing that any data we hold in our systems is secure and managed under internationally acknowledged best practices. On achieving ISO 27001 certification, Freedom Fibre’s chief risk officer Rick Byers said;

“I am incredibly pleased to have achieved this certification. The whole team pulled together and delivered an exceptional result whilst, at the same time, growing a newly formed business. This certification shows to our partners, customers and the sector that Freedom Fibre intends to set the path to excellence in delivery and service. I’d like to commend the Compliance team for leading the project on this, and all the departmental teams for embracing this journey.”

It’s yet another win for Freedom Fibre as they continue to build and roll-out an industry leading service offering, and we sincerely thank all staff members who were involved and worked tirelessly in the audit process and in obtaining ISO 27001 in such a short amount of time.


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