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Freedom Fibre commits £8M of investment to bring full-fibre broadband to Walkden

With the build already underway in nearby Eccles, Walkden is the next area within the City of Salford set to benefit from Freedom Fibre’s £8M upgrade of the town’s digital infrastructure.

With a build area that covers the entirety of Walkden as well as Little Hulton, Linnyshaw, Worsley, and Roe Green, Freedom Fibre continue to expand their lightning fast, full-fibre broadband coverage in the area to create a continuous network that provides residents and businesses with reliable connectivity and speeds of up to 900MB/s through their partnership with national Internet Service Provider (ISP) TalkTalk.

According to a 2020 study done by Countrywide, Walkden and Worsley are now amongst the top 20 most desirable locations to live in the UK*. The property boom these areas have experienced will only be compounded by Freedom Fibre’s investment, with an Imperial study suggesting that broadband speeds have an impact on house value, with property prices increasing by around 3% when internet speed doubles.** The rollout of the full-fibre network in Walkden and its surrounds is another step closer to the UK Government’s goal of having a gigabit-capable broadband available nationwide by 2030.

Residents and businesses who would like to connect† can head to the Freedom Fibre website to register their interest and receive updates on when the service will be available.

For tenants and those living in multi-dwelling units, a wayleave agreement will be required from the landlord/property freeholder that enables Freedom Fibre to install, upgrade, repair, maintain or replace their telecommunications equipment in the property. More information on the wayleaves process can be found on the Freedom Fibre website.

*Countrywide, 2020

**Imperial College London, 2014

†Network availability may vary in some areas


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