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Freedom Fibre's full-fibre broadband network coming soon to Whitchurch!

Shropshire County Councillors have given a warm welcome to Freedom Fibre, who are well underway extending their lightning-fast, full-fibre broadband network to Whitchurch and surrounding areas.

Broadband services in north Shropshire are still reliant on copper phoneline-based technology, with some homes and businesses having internet speeds as low as 10Mb/s. With Freedom Fibre’s new full-fibre network, homes and businesses will soon be able to enjoy internet speeds up to 1000Mb/s! Residents will be pleased to know that we will be connecting our very first homes in Whitchurch before Christmas, with the rest of the town following in the new year.

Freedom Fibre invited Councillor Rob Gittins (Culture and Digital), Councillor Dean Carrol (Growth and Regeneration), Councillor Peggy Mullock (Whitchurch North) and Councillor Gerald Dakin (Whitchurch South) from Shropshire County Council to meet engineers building the network in Whitchurch.

Councillor Rob Gittins, Executive Member for Culture and Digital at Shropshire Council, said:

“In a world of cloud computing and video streaming, the investment made in Whitchurch for full fibre to the premises is a major milestone for both business and residents who will be able to enjoy the speed and certainty of gigabit-capable broadband but without the buffering.”

Marie Danby, Freedom Fibre’s Customer Operations Director, said:

"Freedom Fibre’s build plans are well underway, with over 1,000 homes in Whitchurch ready to connect to our live full-fibre network. This will allow those customers in eligible areas to connect and experience lightning-fast broadband speeds by Christmas"

If you are interested in connecting your home or businesses to the full-fibre network, please register your interest and the team will let you know as soon as the service becomes available in your location.


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