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Freedom Fibre connects first customers in Leigh

Freedom Fibre is proud to be connecting its first customers onto its new full-fibre network in Leigh.

Freedom Fibre’s announced its plans in mid-December 2021 to extend its new ultrafast network in Leigh, a large town in the Borough of Wigan. This new gigabit-capable technology is now already available in some areas and the remainder of the build in the area is progressing fast.

One of the first customers to go live was Mr Kelly, he told us, “I've been a loyal, satisfied customer of TalkTalk for over 30 years, I'm looking forward to upgrading to full-fibre as we have become more reliant on technology in our homes these days”.

Leigh has over 25,000 homes and 1200 businesses that will soon benefit from this full-fibre rollout.

Freedom Fibre’s new technology will help empower local businesses; offering faster service for both themselves and local consumers generating potential for growth for innovative online services. Those companies with employees working from home will certainly welcome the superb reliability that full-fibre offers.

Tony Moore, Chief Delivery Director said, “Our engineers and build partners are working flat-out to deliver this technology to rural and urban communities in the North West. We’re delighted that Leigh is progressing well and customers are now able to experience our gigabit-capable services through TalkTalk”.

Full-fibre connections provide a better service with speeds up to 10x faster* than the average UK broadband connection. You can expect 5 x more reliability** than any previous network plus you can connect your devices at once with more reliable speeds. Now is the time to upgrade with Openreach preparing to retire the old copper services in the future.

Residents interested in boosting their home broadband experience can pre-register their interest at You’ll be updated as soon as services are available.

*Based on data from Ofcom ‘UK home broadband performance, measurement period November 2020’. **Based on data from Ofcom ‘Building a full-fibre future’ report 2018.


Apr 11, 2022

When will it go live ?it will be nice to have some competition against virgin media 1gb service, will there be a decent opening offer and how is it different to virgin, is it still a copper line or is it 100% FTTP and best available


David Spann
David Spann
Mar 23, 2022

All very well...but Pity they don't give prior warning to allow homeowners as chance to raise objections before installing these unsightly telegraph poles up & down our streets. They obviously feel once they're up we can't do anything about it!!!! Well we'll see about that.

Dave in Leigh

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